All About Abu Dhabi Mall

People from all corners of the world flock the Arab city for a taste of what it has to offer. Some of the most renowned malls in United Arab Emirates include Dubai Mall and Abu Dhabi MallThese malls house several stores which fall in categories of restaurants, fashion stores, cinema, Laundry services, and more. Abu Dhabi mall boasts over 200 stores. If you look forward to visit this mall, here is a list of 7 things to do while there:

 Abu Dhabi Mall Restaurants

What is a mall without restaurants? In this case, Abu Dhabi offers a variety of restaurants to choose from, where you can easily find both local and foreign dishes. Some of the restaurants to pay a visit while in the mall include: Cafe Nero, Chili’s, Denny’s, Bosporus, Amorino Gelato Coffe, among others.

Abu Dhabi Mall Fashion Stores

For those who keep up with the world of fashion, Abu Dhabi Mall comes in handy. The mall has several stores that deal with accessories, clothing, footwear, perfumes/fragrance and anything else that defines your fashion world.

You would love an experience from Zara, Boggi Milano, Adidas, Rolex, Pandora, Aldo, Nike, etc. Betty Barcaly is yet another fashion store in the mall offering womens casual outfits. Zara offers clothing for women and men, plus children. They also sell accessories.

Boggi Milano is known for its men statement suits, ties, sweaters, etc.

Abu Dhabi Mall H&M

H&M is without a doubt a world recognised fashion brand. They definitely have a store in Abu Dhabi mall where shoppers get access to several fashionable statements. Talk of high end bags, nightwear, shoes, accessories and cosmetics. Also, they have a wide range of clothing for women, men, and children.

Abu Dhabi Mall Cinema

Cinema fanatics are not left behind because Abu Dhabi Mall has the best Cinema. Vox cinemas is the name of the mall’s cinema where you can catch up with the latest blockbusters. What more, the movies are available in Hindi, English and Arabic languages. This high tech cinema also has a friendly wheelchair seats area.

Abu Dhabi Mall Laundry Services

Got laundry you need sorted real quick around Abu Dhabi Mall? You can rely on Quick Wash Laundry company, or Ryan’s Dry Clean. Additionally, there are several online based Abu Dhabi Laundry services providers at your disposal. More importantly, you can request laundry Abu Dhabi pick up services which most companies offer at no charge.

Abu Dhabi Mall Shops

Abu Dhabi mall shops come in plenty too. There is The Toy Store, where you can find a wide range of kid’s toys (both movable and immovable). Also available are books, DVDs, bicycles, and more. Then there is Bath & Body Works, a healthy and beauty store with a range of products too. Here you can find cosmetics, toiletries, shower gels and scented candles, among other stuff.

Fun City

Here, your kids can have lots and lots of fun. Fun city at the mall lives to its name, where kids can take part in a string of fun indoor games and activities. Therefore, don’t leave them behind if you choose to visit the mall, as there is something for everyone, including kids.

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