What you need to know about Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall is one of the most frequented places by both Dubai nationals and foreign visitors in Dubai. The mall boasts over 1000 stores, giving you an idea of how massive it is. Mainly, the mall is popular for shopping activities, but there is a range of other activities one can partake in the mall besides shopping. 

1.   Dubai Mall Fashion Stores

When it comes to fashion, Dubai Mall provides its shoppers with access to over 200 brands. Some of the fashion brands include Gucci, Chanel, Maria Tash, L’ETO, The Merchant of Venice, among others. With all these brands at your disposal, you can shop till you drop.

2.   Dubai Laundry Service

It doesn’t matter what the weather is like in Dubai, all you need to know is some laundry services are only a call away. Without a doubt, laundry services are some of the most after services in Dubai. For reliable Dubai Laundry services, you can either access laundry stores within mall such as Image Laundry, Primavera Dry Cleaners, among others or look up online for bookings from online laundry service providers in Dubai. 

3.   Dubai Mall Shops

On this one, it all depends on what you are interested in buying. There are many shop categories and all are well represented in this mall. The categories range from arts and photography, confectionery, electronics, florist, beauty and fragrances, home furniture, etc. You are sorted in terms of shopping, unless you are lazy enough to find where the respective shops are located inside the mall.

4.   Dubai Mall Restaurants

Have you been searching for the mall with the best restaurants in UEA? The mall houses several restaurants where revellers can enjoy fast food, middle eastern food, as well as Indian and Italian food, among other dish varieties. Some of the restaurants include Asma restaurant, and Cereal Killer Café (offers more than 200 cereal varieties). There is also GIA which is an Italian restaurant, Paul café which is known for  pastries, fast food and cakes, and many more.

5. Dubai Mall Aquarium

The Mall is big enough to host an aquarium with 10 million litres of water. The aquarium is built within the mall, providing the perfect indoor attraction for marine life lovers. The Aquarium is home to all sorts of marine life, including fish (sharks), amphibians and reptiles (crocodiles and turtles). How good does that sound?

6.   Dubai Mall Cinema

If you would like a movie experience within the Mall, Reel cinemas is the place to be. They never run out of movies to showcase, and provide updates on upcoming ones.

7.   Dubai Clothes Shopping Online

Are you looking to enjoy the best clothes shopping experience in Dubai? You could as well look at what Dubai Mall H&M has to offer, or any other cloth brands located in the mall. The mall is well known for its high end and luxurious cloth brands.

Visitors flock the mall from all corners of the world for access to the latest fashion statements Dubai has to offer. Let no Dubai Weather interfere with your day to day activities when you can easily order all sorts of clothing online. 


Now you know what Dubai Mall has to offer, other than the usual shopping. More importantly, you could end up spending way less and still have a good time.



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