It’s that time of the year when traveling is high on everyone’s to-do list. Despite borders not being fully opened, people are still finding ways to travel safely within their own countries and localities.  No matter where you do it, laundry is a tiring chore, but especially on road. If you are traveling for more than a week, you’ll need to think about getting the right laundry service app or laundry bag. 

Here are seven tips on how to do your laundry when traveling.

1. Pack light

Pack clothing items that are light in fabric like silk, nylon, and cotton. This gives you more room to pack extra clothes if you don’t plan on doing laundry. It also makes your work easier if you plan on doing your laundry. These fabric types are easy to wash and dry very quickly.

2. Book a hotel will with Laundry service app

Although this might come at an extra booking cost, it’s a convenient way to make sure you have clean laundry during your stay there. Most hotels and vacation homes offer laundry services which generally include dry cleaning, quick wash, steam press, ironing, and folding. If you choose to use their laundry services, they will provide you with a laundry bag or a laundry basket. 

3. Get a local Laundromat 

Once you arrive at your vacation destination, it’s important to run a quick search for “open laundry shops near me” to see which Laundromats are open for service. A lot of Laundromats remain open during the holidays, so you are guaranteed to get affordable dry cleaning and laundry services. Better yet, most of them offer free pick and delivery services. You should not worry about having a laundry bag either, they will provide one.

Local Laundromats come in handy when your hotel doesn’t offer laundry and dry cleaning services.

4. Hand wash your clothes

In the absence of a washing machine or laundry room, the sink and bathtub work well as a laundry basin. If your vacation does not involve intense activities like off-road biking, beach games, and mud fights, you can easily hand wash your clothes by yourself. But, who wants to do their laundry while on vacation? If you find this cumbersome, you can call a local Laundromat to pick up and clean your laundry for you.

5. Book a stay that has a washing machine

If you are planning to stay at an Airbnb or an apartment, book one that has a washing machine and preferably a tumble drier. This will help you do your laundry at your convenience and within no time. These are usually free to use if you have the whole place to yourself. It is however important, before traveling, to check with the owner whether laundry products such as laundry soap, fabric softeners, and laundry baskets are available, or if they’ll be provided upon request. This will help you plan accordingly.

6. Use a laundry service app or Laundry website

A lot of Laundromats worldwide have embraced the digital space and are now readily available online either via social media, mobile apps, or websites.

You can easily get your laundry services done via a website or a laundry service app and book a pickup or delivery.

For example, if you are traveling to the UAE, you can browse through several laundry and dry cleaning websites like La Louve Laundry and request laundry services. Furthermore, you can easily schedule a free pick up and delivery at the comfort of your location, and have your laundry done in no time.

7. Get a compact travel laundry bag

Finally, another alternative is getting a travel laundry bag. It should be of reasonable size, zips into a small package, and comfortably fits into your suitcase or backpack. A laundry bag can help you organize your dirty laundry, without mixing it up with the clean clothes. If you’re not planning on doing your laundry, or have a busy travel itinerary, you can use the travel laundry bag to put away the dirty clothes. Most of them are made to be odor and moisture resistant, therefore, no need to worry about smelly or damp clothes.

This bag will also come in handy if you need to drop your laundry at the nearest Laundromat during or after your trip.

Things to Remember

  • Organizing your laundry when traveling is not as hectic as it seems if you plan ahead.
  • Take advantage of local Laundromats that offer affordable dry cleaning and laundry services 
  • Make use of laundry websites and apps to conveniently book a pick-up.

If you are planning to visit Dubai or Abu Dhabi this festive season, doing your laundry shouldn’t stress you. Visit La Louve Laundry for expert dry cleaning and laundry services delivered to your door.


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