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While most people enjoy putting on their favorite suit or dress, cleaning up clothes is not something they fancy. You will need to spend some time and effort to ensure that the clothes are properly cleaned. And for those who live in Dubai, where wind and dust are commonplace, the frequency of cleaning is doubled or even tripled to achieve the same fabric care level. Perhaps this explains why laundry in Dubai have become a necessity for most people in Dubai. A laundry service in Dubai offers cleaning services, where clients’ clothes are cleaned and pressed at a fee. This helps many people avoid wasting time doing the laundry themselves. It is also beneficial to clients because laundry companies know how to care for different fabrics during cleaning. 

What are the basic laundry services?

Basic laundry services consist of three tasks: cleaning, drying, and pressing or folding. These tasks may vary in complexity and duration depending on the size of laundry being done, tools available for cleaning as well as the condition the clothes were in before being cleaned. The tasks are elaborated below:

Cleaning: Cleaning laundry involves the removal of dirt and stains on clothes. The various techniques employed in cleaning are handwashing, machine-washing, and dry-cleaning. Handwashing is generally reserved for fabrics that are too delicate to be machine-washed. On the other hand, machine-washing is adopted for large clothes bundles because the process is quicker and more effective. Dry cleaning is carried out without the use of water or any other liquid to remove dirt.

Drying: After cleaning your laundry using water, you need to dry it before the clothes are ready to be worn again. The method applied in drying depends on the tools available to you and the specific care instructions for particular fabrics. Machine-drying and air-drying are the most common drying methods. Air-drying is recommended since it causes the least damage to your clothes. But it does take considerable time. 

Pressing: Pressing clothes is necessary for making them retain their shape and look presentable. The process of pressing and folding clothes ensures that they don’t become crumpled when they are put away. Various pressing techniques are used, such as the use of a dry or steam iron. 

Home pickup and delivery

Apart from cleaning services, laundry companies like LaLouve Laundry offer home pickup and delivery services to their clients. This is further intended to make it more convenient for them to access cleaning services. For Dubai residents, you simply schedule a home pickup and delivery to enjoy the convenience of having your laundry delivered to your doorstep. This is usually done at a small fee that is almost negligible compared to the convenience you get.

How long do laundry services take?

Laundry services in Dubai vary in the duration it takes to clean and deliver your clothes bundle. It all depends on your load size and the urgency with which you need the laundry done. It can last from as little as an hour for fast washing to one or two days for those with a large load or those who need their laundry air-dried.

Affordable laundry service in Dubai.

LaLouve laundry service believes in affordability, accessibility, and convenience. That’s why our laundry pickup, cleaning, and delivery services are hard to beat. We offer quality services at an affordable rate.

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