HOW TO wash bed sheets & how often

Bed sheets are some of the most intimate clothing that we come into contact with everyday, and for quite some hours (night till dawn). For that reason, you can expect all sorts of dirt buildup if the sheets are not regularly cleaned. When we talk of dirt, it could be anything from sweat, saliva, dead skin, oil, pet fur, etc. Now you get it why cleaning sheets has to be often, but how often is the question, so read on to find out.

Why Should You Wash Your Sheets regularly?

Without a doubt, home bed sheets cleaning is good for health reasons. First, if you are asthmatic or allergic to dust mites (microscopic organisms bred from a combination of dead skin cells and other skin dirt), you need to clean the sheets often as your health condition could worsen.


Stuffy nose and frequent sneezing are some of the signs that your sheets need some washing. The buildup of bacteria and fungi from dirty sheets could also bring you respiratory infections you never had before and what a better way to prevent such from happening other than cleaning your bedsheets. Now that you know why your sheets need regular cleaning, it is time to know about cleaning bed sheets how often.

How Often Should You Clean Your Sheets?

This is a very oftenly asked question. And this also touches on brand new sheets. You need to wash bed sheets before use when new to get rid of any harmful residues of chemicals used during their manufacturing.

On the question of wash bed sheets how often, many health and body hygiene experts recommend weekly washings. But this should depend on some underlying circumstances. To know how often you need to clean your bed sheets will depend on the following questions:

    • Do you eat in bed?
    • Do you like staying/sleeping with your pet in bed?
    • Do you sleep naked?
    • Do you sweat a lot at night?
    • Do you sleep with makeup, apply lotions and creams before bed?

If you do any of the above, your sheets need cleaning at least twice a week, if not once. On whether to wash bed sheets hot or cold, read on to find out.

Tips for Home Bed Sheets Cleaning

If you choose to clean the sheets yourself and forego bed sheets cleaning service, this is how to go about it. Cleaning sheets doesn’t only involve water, but starts right from reading their label instructions on washing.

    • The labels will guide you on how to wash your sheets in terms of applying the right temperatures, detergents if any and so forth. It also has instructions on whether to hand wash the sheets, dry clean or machine wash them, and it’s all depending on the material.
    • Also, to kill germs and bacteria faster, hot water is recommended.
    • More importantly, don’t overload your machine while at it so that your sheets are properly cleaned.
    • When done, dry them completely before taking them back to bed. You can even iron them.

Additionally, there are some bed sheets cleaning hacks you need to familiarize with, especially where stubborn stains apply. One of them is that cleaning bed sheets with vinegar comes in handy when dealing with stains. Furthermore, don’t sleep on dirty sheets because of your busy schedule when you can easily Google search ‘bed linen cleaning service near me‘.


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