Covid-19 disrupted the world in so many ways, but now there is hope as things begin to return to normalcy across the globe, with several governments opening up their countries, including schools. Parents now have another reason to worry about besides the economy.

The health and safety of school-going children is a concern once again as schools reopen worldwide and in the UAE. Parents have to work hand in hand with the government and school authorities to ensure that their children do not contract the virus. And the first line of defense against the dreaded virus is general body hygiene. Cleaning and disinfecting your child’s uniform is crucial in ensuring they are protected in these Covid-19 times.

Experts recommend caution when laundering clothes and other textiles.

Here are five simple ways to clean and disinfect your child’s uniform during this coronavirus pandemic.

Know the difference between disinfecting and cleaning

It is crucial to understand the difference between cleaning and disinfecting when it comes to doing laundry. Cleaning deals with the removal of accumulated dirt and stains from clothing. Conversely, disinfecting deals with the killing of disease-causing microorganisms. In order to guarantee safety in this pandemic, children’s uniforms should be cleaned and disinfected using approved laundry disinfectants.

Check the care label before cleaning clothes.

Care labels found on clothes give specific instructions on how certain fabrics should be cleaned. Part of protecting your child is cleaning their uniform correctly so that it doesn’t get damaged. Torn or damaged clothes can present the perfect opportunity for infection by exposing the child’s body.

Disinfect at high temperatures

Washing uniforms at a temperature of about 40°C can serve the double purpose of cleaning and disinfecting at the same time. Most bacteria and viruses die at this temperature without damaging the fabric.

Avoid harsh chemicals 

A combination of the right temperature and cleaning detergent (disinfecting chemical) can achieve great results in getting rid of germs while preserving the quality of your child’s uniform. Avoid the use of harsh chemicals such as strong detergents or bleaching agents. While these achieve the desired effect of killing germs, they weaken the fabric, making it susceptible to tearing.

Regular cleaning is essential. 

Regular cleaning and disinfecting your child’s uniform might just be what you need to do to guarantee safety from contracting the Covid-19 virus. It’s highly advisable to clean their uniform as soon as they get back from school daily. This will prevent the transfer of dirt and germs from the day’s interactions.

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