Picture this: You are a stay-at-home mom who has just finished cleaning up around the house and looking forward to a warm bath and a restful evening. Suddenly, your toddler dashes into the house, looking like they’ve just been fished straight from a muddy pond. The clothes are all dirty with grass and mud stains. You immediately make peace with missing out on the hot bath.

Cleaning clothes and removing stains, especially the stubborn ones, can be quite intimidating. It’s no wonder some people resort to throwing them away and merely replacing them with new ones. Getting your favorite suit stained doesn’t mean that you have to write it off just like that. You can still do something to salvage it if you are prepared to look in the right place. Here are some helpful guidelines for ridding yourself of the toughest stains from your clothes.

How to remove stubborn stains and restore your clothes

1. Deal with the stain before it sets in

Most people ignore or don’t have the time to handle stains until they have dried and set into the garment. This makes it incredibly difficult to remove them. The best approach is to ensure that the stain does not set. Soak the cloth in cold water to keep the stain wet. This prevents it from drying and setting.

2. Understand that every stain is different

The types of stains one can encounter on clothes are as diverse as the different kinds of fabrics available for making clothes. Understanding that every stain requires different treatment methods is the first step towards successful stain removal from clothes. Check on the tag accompanying the garment to find useful information on how to handle it during the cleaning. This ensures that the garment is not spoiled in the process.

3. Use the right stain remover. 

Once you have clear instructions on dealing with the stain, choose the appropriate stain remover for the job. Blood, mud, grass, ink, and several other stain types require specific stain removal tools for successful removal. Ensure you select the recommended remover to prevent damaging your clothes.

4. Outsource professional laundry services

Perhaps all this is too much work for you, and you would rather have someone else do it for you. This is where a professional laundry service provider comes in handy. Apart from having the right equipment to clean your clothes, they also have considerable experience in handling all manners of stains and restoring your clothes to their former glory.

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