If you are currently living in UAE and need laundry services, familiarizing yourself with a list of laundry services that are just a call away is the best thing to do. Most laundry companies are dedicated to offering the best laundry services in Abu Dhabi. 

More so, these are companies with official operational websites, and some even have mobile apps. This makes it even more convenient for clients to access all the details they need regarding the laundry services provided.

How cool does it sound knowing that requesting top laundry services in Dubai doesn’t require much effort after all? 

These are the top laundry services in Abu Dhabi and Dubai:

1. Lalouve laundry

La Louve Laundry offers laundry and dry cleaning services in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Clients can request for premium dry cleaning and laundry services by scheduling a pickup on their official website or through a phone call. They also offer ironing services in Abu Dhabi. La Louve laundry comprises of a team of professionals who clean, press and fold your laundry with expertise and extra care delicate fabric.

2. Al Rafidain Laundry

Based in Abu Dhabi, UAE, Al Rafidain Laundry specializes in dry cleaning, washing, and folding clothes. Also, ironing and pressing are other additional services clients can request from this laundry delivery company in Abu Dhabi.

3. Dubai Laundry Services

Looking for laundry services in Dubai silicon oasis? Dubai Laundry Services is one of the laundry companies operating in the area. They offer their services within 24 hours, mostly washing, drying, and steam ironing. Additionally, carpet and curtain cleaning are other services you can request from them. 

4. Whites

Whites is located in Emaar Marina Walk in Dubai, UAE. It is the go-to laundry company for those in need of laundry services in Dubai Marina. Their main services include dry cleaning and laundry. More importantly, it offers free laundry pickup services to those residing in rental flats in Marina. 

5. Laundry Near Me

This company is one of those that come in handy for those in need of laundry services in Abu Dhabi Khalidiya, Dubai, UAE. Just like most modern laundry companies, they use the latest technology to offer their services. You can reach out to them via their app or website for wash, iron, fold, and sort laundry services, among others. Additionally, they offer free pickup and delivery services. 

6. The Laundry Company

Another Dubai, UAE based laundry company is The Laundry Company. . Besides offering dry cleaning services, they specialize in shirt laundering, curtain cleaning, wash and fold, and bridal and vintage. Additional details on other services offered can be accessed on their official website. 

7. Laundryheap 

Laundryheap offers laundry delivery services in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Their services include dry cleaning, ironing, and laundry services. They collect or pick your laundry, clean, and finally deliver all within 24 hours. 

8. Natural Laundry 

Yet another laundry company in Dubai, but this one is more dedicated to eco-friendly laundry practices like using less water and energy. They not only deal with clothing but household items like bedsheets, duvets, blankets, etc. Besides that, they also offer care to luxury products as well as biodegradable garments. 

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