There’s no better feeling than coming home after a long day’s work to find your clothes well pressed, fresh, and neatly folded at your doorstep. Luckily,  laundry services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi guarantee you precisely that! 

Here is a quick look at the services they offer

Dry-cleaning Services

Dry cleaning is a standard process in all Laundromats in Dubai. First, the laundry companies collect dirty clothes from your doorstep and ship them to their cleaning facilities.

The best Laundromats in Abu Dhabi are very keen when handling delicate garments such as leather, wool, and silk, therefore taking extra precaution when cleaning the said garments. Laundry is also sorted according to color to avoid bleeding.

There is a significant global safety concern regarding chemical solvents and detergents used in dry cleaning. Top laundry facilities in Dubai use certified chemicals that are safe for customers, workers, and easy on clothes.


While turning up for work or a crucial meeting in a wrinkled pair of trousers or a creased shirt might be demoralizing enough, nothing beats the pain of burning your best office suit when trying to iron it. Seek the help of the best laundry services in Abu Dhabi Khalidya or wherever you are in Abu Dhabi, and they will sort you out. Professional laundry services have experts who handle your clothes with care, making them look fashionable and presentable.

Laundry Services

Have you piled up laundry for weeks and maybe months? Laundry can be a time-consuming and energy-draining chore. Luckily there are plenty of professional laundry service providers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi to ensure that you return home to clean, well pressed and folded clothes.

Additionally, the best laundry services in Dubai Silicon Oasis have invested in well-trained staff who know how to handle all fabric types.

Washing and Iron

We can make a lot of mistakes when handling our clothes, especially for the first time. Well, washing is cumbersome, and if not done right, your colorful clothes get bleached and stain other clothes! That’s a complete disaster!

Assuming you survive the washing process, ironing still presents many challenges with different heat settings for various fabrics.

Thankfully, you can cut the hustle and seek help from professional laundry services in Dubai Marina or Abu Dhabi. They will handle your garments professionally, saving you precious time and energy. They also provide doorstep pick-up and on-time delivery in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, giving you enough time to do the things that matter most.

We are here to help

Laundry cleaning is an integral part of our every day, mostly busy lives; that’s what laundry services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi like La Louve Laundry are for, to help you with your laundry while you focus on the things you care about most.  

La Louve Laundry offers expert dry cleaning and laundry services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, delivered to our door! Visit our website to learn more our services https://lalouveme.com/


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