Dry Cleaning Service

Garments are made from different materials. There’s cotton, silk, wool, leather and many other types. While some of these garments can withstand water or machine washing, some cannot and need special care in cleaning them. For cleaning and removing odor from these types of clothes, we carry out dry cleaning. Dry cleaning is the process of cleaning garments without the use of water. We make use of cleaning solvents that have guaranteed cleaning reliability while ensuring your clothes remain soft and the colors are maintained. Dry cleaning certainly requires a great deal of expertise. We have qualified and expertly trained staff, which makes us the dry-cleaning services provider of choice for your needs.

Are you worried about the color, mud and oil stains on your clothes? Worry no more! We employ the best practices in stain removal which ensures that even the toughest stains are gotten rid of, while protecting your clothes at the same time. We guarantee you the best dry-cleaning service in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

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