Curtains play a very important role in various homes. Not only do they serve decorative purposes, but allow light to penetrate into various rooms of a house. They also prevent prying eyes from peeping the inside of the house. Because curtains are exposed to dust especially during windy days, it is important to keep them clean.

You are at liberty of carrying out the cleaning yourself or hiring curtain cleaning services Dubai to be at your service. There are several curtain cleaning methods you should familiarize with, that is if you choose to do the cleaning yourself. They include:

1.   Hand washing

This is the most common and safe washing method for almost all types of curtains. You just need cold water, and a friendly or mild detergent soap and you are good to go. Avoid using aggressive cleaning tools such as brushes as they could damage the curtain fabric. Hand washing heavy curtain fabrics may be hectic and tiring, and may require a curtain cleaning machine or steam cleaning.

2.   Steaming

Steaming is recommended for heavy fabric curtains that cannot fit in the washing machine. The method works perfectly in getting rid of cobwebs, dust among other dirt. For the tough stains, a spot remover comes in handy. You, however, need to go about it with moderate aggression to avoid damaging the fabric. You are however, free to look up curtain cleaning near me on search engines like Google, if you think you don’t have what it takes to clean a curtain perfectly.

3.   Dry Cleaning

Got colourful and light curtains? Dry cleaning would be the best way to clean them. If you are not into the task, get in touch with a curtain cleaning company like Lalouve Laundry for professional curtain cleaning service. Dry cleaning is perfect for light and colored curtains because the method is gentle on the colours and the weight of the curtain fabric. To achieve this, you need to use the right dry cleaning kit and avoid using rough cleaning tools. Once you are done, hang outside or in a well ventilated room to dry, but away from direct sunlight.

4.   Machine Washing

This is the most convenient and fastest curtain cleaning method. You ,however, need to know how to operate the washing machine so that you can adjust it to the right temperatures to avoid damaging the curtains. Also, hot water is not recommended when using a washing machine to clean curtains. Go for cold water and slow down the spins. Using harsh detergents is also not advised. If you are not sure about how to go about it, Google the search phrase “Curtain cleaning service near me” and pick the most appealing curtain cleaning company in terms of service delivery.

Things To Remember

  • Vacuum your curtains once in a while while vacuuming the house to reduce dust accumulation.
  • Clean curtains according to laundry instructions on their labels.
  • When hanging to dry, avoid direct sunlight to prevent damage or fading.


If you are based in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, curtain cleaning should not give you headache because curtain cleaning Abu Dhabi based companies are only a call away. Most companies, also, have website platforms and apps where you can book laundry services. 

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