Latest Jalabiya WASHING TIPS

The name Jalabiya originated from Egypt and refers to a traditional Arabic garment made of one piece. It is a long gown dress worn by both men women and is a great modest and fashionable festive garment to wear. The Jalabiya fashion has found its way into the Middle Eastern culture, including Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Although the basic Jalabiya design remains, there have been various modifications, with the latest fashion featuring outer sheer flowing pieces.

Caring for your Jalabiya garment

If there is one thing Jalabiya fashion is, it definitely is expensive. Because of the delicate nature of the material used to manufacture them, the garments are quite costly and need special care to protect them from harm. The greatest care should be taken when cleaning such fabrics to ensure that they maintain their quality for long. Below are Jalabiya washing tips in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Machine Washing Jalabiya Fabrics

When machine-washing Jalabiya fabrics, first separate them into piles of similar colors to prevent bleeding and discoloration. These fabrics require delicate machine-wash handling, possibly a low-temperature wash cycle (less than 30oC) to prevent shrinking due to heat. A gentle machine-wash also protects the garment from coming loose at the seams. It’s also advisable that you wash them inside out so that the colors do not fade.

Handwashing Jalabiya Clothes

Handwashing Jalabiya clothes needs to be done with extra caution. It is recommended that you wash them in cold water to protect them from shrinking. Additionally, they should not be soaked for more than 10 minutes. Consider using a small quantity of mild detergent for washing Jalabiya clothes as a strong detergent is likely to damage the fabric. Finally avoid scrubbing areas with embroidery and only scrub areas with stains.

Drying Jalabiya Fabrics

The sheer nature of Jalabiya fabrics means that they cannot withstand a lot of heat.  When washing Jalabiya, tumble drying should therefore be avoided. The agitation and heat of the dryer during tumble drying is bound to cause the fabric to fade with time, thereby making them appear dull. If hand-washed, gentle wringing to drain excess water is recommended before drying out on the clothes line.

Pressing and storing your Jalabiya garment

Ironing Jalabiya fabrics requires a low heat setting, especially for fabrics with embellishments. You should consider pressing the fabric inside out to prevent damage to the material. For the embellished Jabaliya fabrics, press them inside out and use another fabric over the embroidery to protect them from the heat. After ironing, store them neatly to prevent creasing. For those who prefer hanging, use thick hangers to prevent the clothes from being deformed at the shoulders.

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